How much does an F1 racer cost?

885635_838079989592380_7615353208817336562_o (1)

A typical mid-ranking team can expect to spend around £158 million a season in four key areas. This covers £36 million in operational spending, £42 million on salaries, including the drivers, £41 million on research and development, and £39 million on production and manufacturing costs.

Figures from the Caterham team show that even a car at the back of the grid is worth approximately £1.8 million in material costs and that’s without an engine. The cost of the chassis alone is £1 million, followed by the floor at around £300,000. A single suspension strut can cost upwards of £10,000.



  1. This like a to me and all as beginner of Formula 1 .Thank you.

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