SOPHIA FLOERSCH – FIA F3 steering wheel explanation of the 2020 car (same as Formula E & Formula 2)

FIA F3 steering wheel explanation!!! Something you guys are always very interested to see. As many of you know I was doing a double program this season with FIA F3 (most competitive junior formula class worldwide) and my endurance program with Richard Mille Racing Team in ELMS and 24h of Le Mans. In the past you guys always loved to see how my cockpit looks so I decided to show you everything in bth racing cars. First is my Formula 3 steering. We are using the same steering wheel as Formula 2 and Formula E. They look the exact same just the buttons and rotaries are for different usages. Starting with the pedals we of course shift up on the right side and down on the left side with the middle pedals. Both on the top are for DRS which you just have to keep pulled as soon as you hit the DRS activation zone the wing opens. Of course when you release the pedal the DRS closes but also automatically when you hit the brakes. From F3 onwards until F1 you have hand clutch which are both bottom pedals. Obviously we have Pit Limiter, Radio, VSC and Reverse as our most important buttons. But also two to switch pages which different numbers and important numbers shown. There are some buttons which exist but you actually never really use… On the bottom we got three rotaries to use for different Engine or Clutch settings during the start procedure. Every single team has their own way of doing this procedure. In some weeks time I will be showing you the steering and cockpit of the LMP2 which has even more buttons which we also use while driving and which are very important. 24h of Le Mans was the best example for that.