Mercedes could quit F1 over Ecclestone bribery case

By Max Huijgen.

The old mogul Bernie Ecclestone has been on trial for bribery together with a German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky. If he is convicted Mercedes will almost certainly have to leave F1.

The German received $44 million dollar from Ecclestone to make sure tax details didn´t leak to the UK government. CVC, Bernie´s investment company avoided a mind-boggling $3.1- (€2.4-) billion in taxes thanks to this German.. If convicted, Bernie Ecclestone could serve up to 10 years in prison.

Mercedes code of conduct is very firm on ethical behavior and bribery and Mercedes extends this to its business partners. Their own statues will force them to withdraw from F1 leaving two teams without an engine and the field without Mercedes.

At this moment closing arguments are given in the case. Photo depicts Ecclestone´s daugher rolling in money.
tnx to +Nico Gerrits for the tip.

One thought on “Mercedes could quit F1 over Ecclestone bribery case

  1. How about ethical behaviour of magazines, newspapers, tv stations etc. They all are business partners or earn money with the Formula One in some way. What are their responsibilities?

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