Poll : Will There Be The 8th Different Winner in Valencia This Season?

F1 season this year has been unpredictable with 7 different winners for 7 races, unlike previous F1 seasons. The new 2012 Pirelli tyres is the main contributing factor to this exciting season where almost every driver has a chance to be on the podium.

The next race will bring us to Valencia Street Circuit which is famous of its lack of overtaking opportunities like in Monaco except that Valencia Street Circuit is not so tight compared to Circuit de Monaco with quite a number of run off areas. Since the inaugural race in 2008, there were only 4 recorded overtakes overall with no overtakes in 2009. So, qualifying pace has a more important role in the race. The teams have to come up with the right race strategy to get the maximum championship points.

P Zero White medium and P Zero Yellow soft tyres will be used in Valencia. The teams are able to work on the tyres easier given that the circuit’s high temperature and high speed nature. However, most of the teams are still unable to crack down the mystery of the new tyres after 7 races and control the degradation. The performance of the teams are still not consistent and there is a possibility that the 8th different winner will be on the podium in Valencia.

Mercedes has prioritized to solve Schumacher’s reliability problems. He managed to complete only 2 races out of 7 races, which 5 of the races is due to technical failure. We have seen his solid performance in Monaco’s Q3 and if his car does not suffer any technical problems in Valencia, he might make his comeback next weekend.

Here are the results for the previous races this season.

So, what do you think? Vote in the poll and make some comments below.

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