#AskKevin: Twitter Q&A with Kevin Magnussen


On December 2, the new McLaren race driver Kevin Magnussen tapped into the Twitter-sphere to answer your questions during a live Q&A session.

Here’s a recap of what went down in our first #AskKevin Twitter session:

@gazzajoyno: “How do you feel coming into #F1 with McLaren and partnering a driver like Jenson in your first season?”

KM: “I’m ready to learn from Jenson – he has huge experience. I’ll make the most of the opportunity – he’ll be a great team-mate.”

@thirstyforash: “What’s been the highlight of your career so far?”

KM: “Winning WSR 3.5 this year & getting the McLaren drive!”

@AnnaJCat_UnionJ: “Kevin, what are you most excited about next season?”

KM: “Not one thing, it’s the whole challenge of being in F1. Being with McLaren is what I’m most excited about.”

@super_ruck: “As your Dad [@JanMagnussen] raced for McLaren, do you feel any added pressure to succeed with the team?”

KM: “I feel pressure, because McLaren is a top team, and they expect big results – but not EXTRA pressure because of my dad!” #AskKevin

@shannncorcoran: “Which circuit are you most excited to race on?”

KM: “Suzuka – it has great history, and it looks the best.”

@steveb_1990: “What did you do when you found out you’ll be getting the drive, go out for a drink/meal?”

KM: “I went training!”

@deadlycowpat95: “Favourite race car of all time?”

KM: “It’s the McLaren MP4/4 – won 15 out of 16 races. Amazing car.”

@CodenameFee: “Hamilton also debuted in a McLaren. Can you use his season as a marker?”

KM: “It’s proof that it’s been done before, which is positive. Lewis is a fantastic driver.”

@TheF1leprechaun: “Which race will you consider your “home” race next season?”

KM: “None, unfortunately – but I hope to see a lot of Danes at the European races. Their support would mean so much.”

@cbenitz: “Senna or Prost?”

KM: “Senna!”

@adamgatto: “What would you be doing if you weren’t a race driver?”

KM: “I’d cry!” 😉

@Craig-O: “What is your favourite thing about the UK?”

KM: “Indian food! And McLaren, obviously!”

@Gavllen: “How much are you looking forward to being in #Tooned?”

KM: “Love Tooned – it will be strange but cool…”

@F1_Around_World: “Do you have a nickname?”

KM: “Just Kev…”

@Rodree8: “What do you prefer: dominate a race or fight for positions?”

KM: “As long as it’s for P1, I love fighting for positions!”

@Craig-o: “Which corners are you looking forward to tackling in a F1 car?”

KM: “Eau Rouge – a fantastic corner – and could return to being a challenge with the 2014 cars.

@PrinzMFF: “Do you have any special rituals before starting a race?”

KM: “Many – but they’re secret!”

@hctbm: “Have you got a helmet design yet?”

KM: “I usually design it to match the car’s colours – watch this space!”

@andreasutardi: “Who’s your fave musician?”

KM: “At the moment, it’s Mads Langer – a Danish singer. No Gravity is a great song.”

@alessiosoccer09: “What are your hobbies, apart from racing?”

KM: “I love watersports – especially jet-skiing & waterskiing.”


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