Massa Difficult Season Start

I am disappointed, there is no denying it: not scoring any points in two races hurts, but now it’s time to turn the page.

Felipe Massa has admitted that his difficult start to the season has ‘hurt’, but he has full faith that he will turn his situation around. The Brazilian cancelled plans to return home after the Malaysian Grand Prix so he could spend time this week at Ferrari’s factory, to undertake a detailed analysis of the first two races.

The Ferrari driver said that he’s been boosted thanks to the support of his bosses. They have spoken their support in public about him.

Felipe Massa

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Drama in Malaysia!

Lotus-Renault were forced to abandon ship this morning, when a fire ripped through their paddock hospitality unit. It was started at 0330 by a malfunctioning fridge and it wasn’t brought under control before it had destroyed everything in its path: clothing, catering equipment and even one of Kimi Raikkonen’s helmets. No-one was injured in the blaze, but what really hurt was the knowledge that the team had asked someone from the circuit to check the fridge earlier in the day because it had repeatedly tripped their fuse box…