Sebastian Vettel on pole in Singapore; Ferrari on 1-3; Red Bull on 2-4; Mercedes on 5-6


Sebastian Vettel angry after sudden blown tyre

Scuderia Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel post race interview.

The Red Bull RB10 launch

Here are the first official images of the new Red Bull:


Here are the first unoffical photos of the new Red Bull:



RB10 launch tomorrow. Less than 24 hours to go. Make sure you tune in.

Felix Baumgartner in an F1 car…driven by David Coulthard!

Red Bull Stratos and space dive hero Felix Baumgartner puts his trust in the hands of our very own Sebastian Vettel and David Coulthard, swapping the speed of sound for the sound of speed in a 3 seater F1 car as it flies around the Paul Ricard Circuit…


Sebastian Vettel explaining KERS and DRS on David Letterman Show

Here is the new Red Bull RB9

Mark’s RB9:



Seb’s RB9:



Presenting the steering wheel of Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull Racing RB8


Button Functions

✿ DIF → Adjust the behaviour of the differential

✿ N → Puts gearbox into neutral

✿ RADIO → Push to talk to the team

✿ X → Sets a marker in the telemetry to indicate a problem is encountered

✿ DRINK → Push to drink

✿ DEFAULT → Reset certain settings to their original values

✿ TYRE → Driver adjust this knob to tell the team about the tires and adjust electronics to suit different tires

✿ KERS → Select KERS settings

✿ CLUTCH → Select clutch adjustment

✿ MIX → Change engine’s mixture settings

✿ FW. EN → Tells the team if there’s a need to change front flaps angle

✿ REV → Allow more engine revs to pass another car

✿ OIL → Activates supplementary oil tank for engine

✿ OK → Driver acknowledge if radio does not work

✿ FAIL → Command all systems into a fail-safe mode just to get the car going again

✿ PIT → Activate speed limiter in the pit lane

✿ TRO → Change throttle pedal map

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Schumacher and his pupil, Vettel

An iconic image, as to symbolise the passage from the older generation, to the new one. Let’s not forget that even if Schumi finished his last GP in P7, he will still remain one of the greatest champions of all time. Thank you for MAKING our passion, Michael! 😉

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Sebastian Vettel quickest in Q2 at Interlagos

Sebastian Vettel quickest at FP1 in Texas