Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa at Incheon Airport

Sebastian Vettel wins the Korean Grand Prix; Red Bull on 1-2; Ferrari on 3-4

And a stunning race by Toro Rosso!!

Gangnam…F1 style!

K-Pop star Psy (C) performs the “Gangnam style” dance with Red Bull-Renault driver Mark Webber of Australia (L) and Red Bull-Renault driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany (R) before the start of the Formula One Korean Grand Prix at the Korean Circuit in Yeongam on October 14, 2012. AFP PHOTO / Philippe Lopez.

Sauber just changed their cover photo on Facebook!

I have tears in my eyes posting this…


Kamui at the drivers’ parade before his home race in Suzuka

In Japan, Formula One is a family sport

What will Kimi Räikkönen do next?

There has been a lot of speculation about what Kimi Raikkonen will do next season (2013). This will all come to an end on the 17th of October when a new contract will be published at http://www.whatwillkimidonext.com/

The Japanese Grand Prix has the most amazing fans of all the circuits

Williams on Facebook:

Back in the day, organisers of race meetings at Goodwood circuit in the UK used to talk about having “the right crowd and no crowding”. What would they have made of the crowd at Suzuka? A trip into the spectator areas yesterday revealed some interesting sights: there were fans wearing replica Michael Schumacher helmets all day; other people were wearing the overalls of their favourite drivers; others were draped from head-to-toe in Williams team clothing. Yes, we have a merchandising stand here at Suzuka and it would seem the fans can’t get enough of our gear, all the caps sold out before Saturday! Third driver Valtteri Bottas even spotted a #Bottas flag in the grandstands during FP1!

Today the mystery was solved relating to Tomita…

Finally the mystery was revealed today around the figure of Tomita, the microscopic mysterious doll that some time is part of the virtual adventures of Fernando Alonso. Usually seen in the places visited by the Spanish, this silent friend was now starring in a memorable encounter between his “father”, Japanese Hideo Baba, and Alonso. The scenario of the game: the Scuderia Ferrari garage Suzuka circuit, home of the fifteenth round of the FIA ​​Formula 1 World. Tomita was renamed with the name after being acquired in a toy store in Tokyo, though his real name is Asbel, hero of a popular game in Japan, called “Tales of Graces”, produced by the company Bandai, the third game maker in the world. Precisely Alonso and curious little hero will star in an advertising campaign that Kaspersky Lab, a leading company in the field of computer security and a member of the Scuderia since 2010, will launch next November. [Translated by Google – Source]

Kamui Kobayashi visits the NEC headquarters in Tokyo

Sauber on Facebook:

Well, working for our Partner NEC must be interesting anyway. But if you’re meeting Kamui Kobayashi prior to the Japanese GP right at your office – isn’t that fantastic?