Happy Birthday Kimi!!

This is most amazing fan birthday greeting video ever!


World Exclusive shot of Daft Punk in the Lotus F1 Team garage at the Monaco Grand Prix

Let’s get lucky!


Daft Punk Lotus F1 Team

Just in time for the partying that’s sure to take place during this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, French electronic music sensation Daft Punk has been named as the latest partner of the Lotus F1 Team.

Coincidentally, Daft Punk is in the process of promoting its new album Random Access Memories, and as part of the effort has signed a deal to have its logo plastered on the 2013 Lotus F1 car, located just in front of the driver.

A formal announcement of the partnership is yet to be announced, though the Lotus F1 Team has posted up a number of teaser videos on its official YouTube page.


“Just leave me alone. I know what to do.”

Special moments in Abu Dhabi

Kimi Raikkonen wins the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Makia Racing – How we got Kimi Räikkönen

IT’S OFFICIAL – We are in the racing business and we have the best driver on the planet! See how we got Kimi… http://makiaclothing.com/racing/

What will Kimi Räikkönen do next?

There has been a lot of speculation about what Kimi Raikkonen will do next season (2013). This will all come to an end on the 17th of October when a new contract will be published at http://www.whatwillkimidonext.com/

Kimi Raikkonen is a rock star in Japan!

Press conference time; clearly something interesting happening to the right