In Japan, women and children come to see F1


Mercedes writes on Twitter:

The fans here at Suzuka are just incredible! Queuing to get in today… And this little one… too cute!


Red Bull warming up to the Japanese Grand Prix with sumo wrestling!


The Red Bull team has arrived in Japan and no better way for the Bulls to start the trip than a bit of Sumo! 🎌 相撲

Japan preview quotes


Daniel Ricciardo:

“I love going to Japan, and I’m absolutely fascinated by Tokyo. I turn into a complete tourist, gawping at the place, the people, the food – it’s just so incredibly cool. Personally, I really like hanging out in the tiny bars: crazy little places maybe only five square meters. It’s a really good experience. I recommend it.”

Daniil Kvyat:

“Japanese fans are very warm and welcoming and the atmosphere there is great. You always get given some odd gifts. Last year I got given a lot of fans – not people, things to, you know, cool you down! You also get a ton of stuff to sign. I really appreciate that the fans make an effort. They are passionate about Formula One and they really show it.”

Japanese K-Mag fans


Countdown to the Japanese Grand Prix.

[via Rio Egami, Osaka]

CNN International and McLaren Honda announce partnership

CNN International, the world’s leader in international news, and McLaren Technology Group announced today that CNN is confirmed as a new McLaren-Honda partner for the 2015 Formula 1 season and beyond.

Kamui Kobayashi remembering March 11

3.11 I never forget this was same as 3 years a go just before Melbourne race. 3.11絶対に忘れれはいけない日。 丁度3年前もメルボルンに行く前だった。

Kamui Kobayashi back in F1!!

Fan darling Kamui Kobayashi is back in Formula One today!!



Can Caterham secure points in 2014?

CNN’s Rosie Tomkins speaks to Caterham F1 owner Tony Fernandes on the team’s driver line-up for 2014.

Kamui Kobayashi back in F1 with Caterham seat!

Kamui Kobayashi and Marcus Ericsson have been confirmed as Caterham’s race drivers for 2014, heralding an all-new line-up for the new season.

Kamui Kobayashi : “It’s a great feeling to be back as an F1 race driver and I’m really pleased it’s with Caterham. Throughout all our discussions I’ve been very impressed with where they want to take the team, and how much investment has been made already to help them achieve their goals. I first visited the factory in Leafield just before Christmas and it’s clear how hungry the whole team is to make progress. From what I’ve seen, Caterham now has everything in place to progress this year and for many seasons to come.”



The Challenging Spirit of Honda

Honda has released the Formula 1 video “The Challenging Spirit of Honda,” shown at the Honda Booth during the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013. The video features heritage footage from Honda’s previous Formula 1 eras, Yasuhisa Arai, Senior Managing Officer and Director, Chief Officer of Motorsports, Honda R&D Co., Ltd. discussing Honda’s new challenge in returning to Formula 1 racing, and previously unreleased footage of the race engine currently under development.