Ice, Ice, Baby! F1 meets Ice Hockey in Russia

Daniil Kvyat gets his skates on as we keep things cool in Sochi ahead of the 2015 Russian Grand Prix.

Dany’s childhood dreams might have mainly revolved around kart circuits and catching whatever glimpses he could of Formula One racing on TV, but as with any self-respecting Russian kid, ice hockey loomed large in the background for the youngster from Ufa.

He gave it a go ahead of his home Grand Prix and we were there to catch it on camera… enjoy!

Sauber F1 Team: The Beauty of Racing

Sit back… Relax… And enjoy The Beauty of Racing!

Let’s take a step back from the busy hurry-scurry of a typical Formula One race weekend. Let’s slow down for a while…

This video is for everyone who loves racing and race cars; for everyone who dreams of being a Formula One race driver; for all of you who work hard towards finding a job in F1 one day. This video is for everyone who has a dream.

Don’t stop dreaming!