A lap with the new Mercedes-Benz V6 Turbo

Best enjoyed with the sound turned up LOUD and on headphones or speakers for the full effect! Laptop speakers may lead to pale imitations of a Formula One Power Unit. Exclusive to the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS YouTube channel, here’s the sound of the future! This is a lap of the mythical Monza circuit with the new-for-2014 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 Formula One Power Unit. It’s a new music – but a beautiful one, too.

Show drive: Sergey Sirotkin in Sochi, Russia – great onboards and raw engine sound

Jump on board as a young driver starts the engine of a Formula One car for the very first time in his life! Blasting the C31 along the 700 meters of tarmac that are already finished, Sergey Sirotkin was able to get a first taste of what lies ahead of him driving into the Russian night during our show run in Russia on 27th September. Catch a glimpse of Sochi International Street Circuit and its facilities! How do you like the Abu Dhabi-ish architecture and light effects? Enjoy the great onboard shots and listen to raw engine sound!