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Sauber announces partnership with Chelsea FC!

Sauber has announced a new partnership with English Premier League side Chelsea FC.

The team has been dropping hints at a new partnership during the last two races, carrying the words “Out of the Blue” on the engine cover in China, and “True Blue” at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Announcing the link-up, a press release from Sauber states that the partnership ‘includes the sale of merchandising articles and exchange of knowledge in the area of sport science. Both partners will support each other by featuring the other partner’s logo and thus benefit from a significant market presence outside their original sport’.

The Chelsea logo will be carried on the C31 for the first time at the Spanish Grand Prix, and Sauber CEO Monisha Kaltenborn says the team is excited about the opportunities created.

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Kimi Räikkönen Loves His Tyres!!!


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Lewis Hamilton and Jazzy Jeff

Lewis Hamilton on Facebook:

Me and my man Jazzy Jeff, the fresh Prince’s best friend! Got to see him do his thing up in the studio, bad ass DJ!! If you hear this guy is coming to your town, be sure to go see him DJ coz its off the hook!

Mark Webber Meme

Mark Webber Meme

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Poll : Are 2012 Pirelli tyres limiting the pace of the F1 races?

The main thing I feel unhappy about is everyone has to drive well below a driver’s, and in particular, the car’s limits to maintain the tyres. I just question whether the tyres should play such a big importance, or whether they should last a bit longer, and that you can drive at normal racing car speed and not cruise around like we have a safety car. I’m not happy about the situation, let’s see what happens in future. If it was a one-off car issue, you could say it’s up to us to deal with it. But basically it is everybody, with maybe one or two exceptions, and if it is 80% of the field that has this problem, then maybe the tyre supplier should think about that. – Michael Schumacher, 2012

In 2012 F1 season,  Pirelli has introduced new tyres with squarer profiles, increased grip, and softer, more competitive compounds with consistent degradation. Their objective is to ensure entertaining and unpredictable races all the way down to the chequered flag, with two to three pit stops per race, a stronger emphasis on team strategies, and reduced performance gap between compounds. Tyres are now playing a more important role in F1 races than ever before.

Formula 1 teams agreed that improving strategy calls will be the key factor to make the most out of the current Pirelli tyres. Teams have to understand the nature of the degradation, wear-based or thermal-based and make their race strategies work for them. Drivers are now more important in calling for a pit stop because they are the sensors in the car and they can sense when the tyres are past their useful life. Ferrari’s head of race operations Diego Ioverno says that the biggest complication this year is trying to time the first stop of the race because of the dangers of getting trapped behind slower traffic. Due to the reduced performance gap between compounds, the field has become more compact and it is impossible to not fall behind traffic now.

Getting the tyres into the right operating window is now more essential for success this year. Swiss commentator and former F1 driver Marc Surer said, “It’s been a question of who can make them work, and that is depending on a number of factors.” McLaren’s team principal, Martin Whitmarsh, agreed that exploiting the tyres is now more important than delivering improvements to the cars as Hamilton and Button struggled to match the pace of Red Bull and Lotus in Bahrain. Lotus trackside operations director Alan Permane says they are still trying to understand how to exploit the tyres this year and make them last for as long as possible because there are still performance differentials that do not make sense. In Bahrain, the tyres appeared to be working for them and Red Bull.

Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery says that the tyres allow the best engineers and drivers to shine and produce exciting races. “The season so far has been fantastic. We’ve had four different winners and four different championship leaders. So the competition has never been closer and part of that is down to the fact that everyone has exactly the same opportunities and challenges with the tyres.” In response to the heavy degradation issues, he said “At the end of last year we had huge criticism for conservative choices and the races were boring. Make your mind up. We are doing what is asked.”

Quotes from teams :
McLaren’s Jenson Button : “We know we were slow (in Bahrain) but we don’t understand why.”
Mercedes’ Norbert Haug : “The challenge is how to use the tyres, how to set up your car.”
Red Bull’s Christian Horner : “I think this year the tyre has dominated performance and I think it’s crucial to understand how they work.”
Lotus’ Eric Boullier : “It’s clear that the key for performance is the tyres.”
Former HRT driver Vitantonio Liuzzi : “The tyres are not blowing up, they are not blistering and it’s always a challenge for both drivers and engineers to set up the car properly and get the maximum out of them.”

So, what do you think about the new 2012 Pirelli’s tyres? Are they making races more exciting or just limiting the performance of the cars? Let us know!

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Singapore Marina Bay Street Circuit Walk On Normal Days

There are 10 more races until the 2012 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay Street Circuit on 21-23 September 2012. The circuit hosted the first night race in Formula 1’s history. The track is 5.073 km long in a harbourside location similar to Monaco and Valencia and it consists of public roads and temporary track sections (Turn 16 to Turn 19 & Turn 20 to Turn 3) around the CBD area. The circuit is very unique that it is being surrounded by many world-renowned attractions like the Esplanade, The Float @ Marina Bay, The Helix Bridge, ArtScience Museum, Singapore Flyer, Gardens By The Bay, War Memorial Park, Raffles Landing Site, The Asian Civilisation Museum, Merlion Park and hotels like Mandarin Oriental, The Ritz-Carlton, Marina Bay Sands, Pan Pacific, Marina Mandarin, Swissôtel The Stamford and The Fullerton Hotel. There are several corners being named specially such as Turn 1 named after the second President of Singapore and Turn 10 named after a world famous cocktail from Singapore.

Track under ECP

The track passes under ECP (East Coast Parkway) on the pit straight before Sheares (Turn 1).

Skid marks on Sheares (Turn 1). This corner was named after Benjamin Henry Sheares, the 2nd President of Singapore.

The Green Room is being constructed near Turn 2. In 2009, Mark Webber’s car hit the barriers at Turn 2 which ended his race prematurely.

Cars need to brake to about 90 km/h to tackle Turn 3. DRS detection zone is between Turn 3 & Turn 4.

The temporary marking on the public road after Turn 3 during Singapore Grand Prix.

The look of the pit building from behind at Turn 4.

Turn 5 is behind the Singapore Flyer. This is the start of the DRS activation zone.

Movable kerbs are used along the track for easy removal during Singapore Grand Prix.

The long straight after Turn 5 provides overtaking opportunities with DRS activated.

Shopping centres & MRT stations are in proximity throughout the whole circuit. Millenia Walk on the left and Promenade Circle Line MRT station on the right.

Turn 6 sandwiched by the two permanent overpasses on the long straight.

Directly at Turn 6 is the Pan Pacific Hotel.

The section of long straight close to Turn 7.

Memorial (Turn 7) with South Beach, a planned commercial and residential complex with green technology on the right.

Civilian War Memorial, also known as “The Chopsticks” at Memorial (Turn 7). In 2011, Hamilton was given a drive-through penalty for puncturing Massa’s tyre.

The corner in front (Turn 8) is very unique as the cars will come round again for Turn 14. In 2011, Schumacher has crashed into retirement at Turn 8.

Four such underpasses are located at the four corners of Turn 8 or Turn 14 to allow spectators to move around the circuit easily.

Singapore Recreation Club on the left side of the track just after Turn 8.

Swissôtel The Stamford, one of the tallest hotels in Southeast Asia, is right next to the track at Turn 9.

The long straight after Turn 9 beside The Padang (“Field” in Malay language) set against the Singapore skyline.

The Padang mainstage will be located here where Maroon 5, Katy Perry and Jay Chou will be performing during the race weekend in 2012.

The original look of the famous “Singapore Sling” (Turn 10). This corner is named after a world renowned cocktail originated from Singapore.

The Asian Civilization Museum near Turn 12.

The section of the track on Anderson Bridge, named after Governor of the Straits Settlements and High Commissioner for the Federated Malay States (1904–1911), Sir John Anderson.

Close proximity with the track on the sideways of Anderson Bridge.

The Fullerton Waterboat House at Turn 13. It was built in 1919 and was
designed by the renowned architectural firm, Swan & Maclaren and the building resembles the circular stern of a ship.

The Fullerton Hotel, which is also the former General Post Office Building is right next to Turn 13.

One Fullerton is also located at Turn 13.

Turn 13 consists of the right lane of the blue bus in the picture to the left lane of Esplanade Drive in the background.

After Turn 13 is a long straight about 500 metres before meeting up with Turn 14 or Turn 8 beside the Esplanade.

Underpass beside the Esplanade Bridge where the sound is amplified several times with fantastic reverberation.

The view of Esplanade Bridge and Esplanade on the far side under the bridge.

Merlion Park at Turn 13 with the famous Singapore skyline backdrop.

The long straight of Esplanade Bridge in reverse direction.

The view of Esplanade from the location of Connaught Grandstand.

Marina Square shopping centre on the left of the track at Turn 15.

The rear view of Bay Grandstand from Turn 16.

The front view of Bay Grandstand from Turn 17.

The view from Turn 18 in reverse direction. Cars going under the grandstand after this.

The section of the track that goes under the grandstand.

Turn 19, the exit from the Bay Grandstand.

Ritz Carlton at Turn 19.

The junction just before Turn 20 which leads into the temporary track sections.

Turn 21 which goes under ECP with Gardens By The Bay on the left side & Marina Bay Sands on the right side in the background.

The view of the last straight before the last two turns.

The Urban Beach Bar at Singapore Flyer is less than 4 metres to the pit lane.

The last turn of the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

The view of the pit lane.

The view of the podium.

The skid marks of the tyres.

The Float @ Marina Bay

The Float @ Marina Bay, the world’s largest floating stage is directly in front of Bay Grandstand, between Turn 17 & Turn 18.

Marina Bay Street Circuit Diagram.

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Heikki Kovalainen working out

Another example where history repeats itself

Fernando Alonso in Bahrain