Preview of 2012 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix Marina Bay Street Circuit

The final street circuit for the season. Also, the toughest circuit on the calendar.

The 14th grand prix in 2012 Formula 1 will be coming to Singapore at Marina Bay Street Circuit. It is known as the toughest circuit of the year which requires maximum downforce setup for the car and maximum concentration for the drivers to negotiate all 23 corners in one lap.

The track will be a whopping 309.316 km race distance of 61 laps and due to the low average speed of the circuit, it is one of the longest race in the season for about 2 hours of battle on the track. One of the unique chicane in Marina Bay Street Circuit is the Singapore Sling at Turn 10 which is being described as the worst corner in F1 by Lewis Hamilton. The high and harsh kerbs may damage the suspension and pitch the cars into the wall. The bumpy surface combined with the hot and humid weather makes the circuit twice as hard to negotiate as the Monaco street circuit. If it rains, the absence of sunlight will cause the track to dry up more slowly and add some unpredictability to the race.

Pirelli P Zero Yellow soft tyres and P Zero Red super-soft tyres will be used in Singapore where traction is the main priority here. The track is hard on tyres so a three-stop strategy is expected for most of the teams. McLaren may have an advantage here due to its lightning pit stop which is about 1 second faster than most of the teams. The deployment of safety car is almost a “tradition” in Singapore which means strategy have to be very flexible to take advantage of it.

McLaren is on a winning streak since Hungary and all eyes are on Lewis Hamilton challenging Fernando Alonso where he is 37 points off the lead. At this moment, every win counts and may decide whether Lewis Hamilton will stay in McLaren. Not to mention, currently on the drivers’ standings, there is a one-point-difference between 3 world champions which makes Singapore Grand Prix more exciting than before. Kimi Raikkonen, the lap record holder, says that he has some unfinished business there. Maybe we will witness his first victory in Singapore since his comeback in 2012?

Lap Record : 1:45.599 – Kimi Raikkonen (2008)

Marina Bay Street Circuit Diagram.

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Lights have been installed in Singapore Marina Bay Street Circuit!

It’s 3 months more to the fifth Formula 1 night race in history, Singapore Grand Prix on 21-23 September 2012. Here are some photos of the street circuit under construction.

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Singapore Marina Bay Street Circuit Walk On Normal Days

There are 10 more races until the 2012 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay Street Circuit on 21-23 September 2012. The circuit hosted the first night race in Formula 1’s history. The track is 5.073 km long in a harbourside location similar to Monaco and Valencia and it consists of public roads and temporary track sections (Turn 16 to Turn 19 & Turn 20 to Turn 3) around the CBD area. The circuit is very unique that it is being surrounded by many world-renowned attractions like the Esplanade, The Float @ Marina Bay, The Helix Bridge, ArtScience Museum, Singapore Flyer, Gardens By The Bay, War Memorial Park, Raffles Landing Site, The Asian Civilisation Museum, Merlion Park and hotels like Mandarin Oriental, The Ritz-Carlton, Marina Bay Sands, Pan Pacific, Marina Mandarin, Swissôtel The Stamford and The Fullerton Hotel. There are several corners being named specially such as Turn 1 named after the second President of Singapore and Turn 10 named after a world famous cocktail from Singapore.

Track under ECP
The track passes under ECP (East Coast Parkway) on the pit straight before Sheares (Turn 1).
Skid marks on Sheares (Turn 1). This corner was named after Benjamin Henry Sheares, the 2nd President of Singapore.
The Green Room is being constructed near Turn 2. In 2009, Mark Webber’s car hit the barriers at Turn 2 which ended his race prematurely.
Cars need to brake to about 90 km/h to tackle Turn 3. DRS detection zone is between Turn 3 & Turn 4.
The temporary marking on the public road after Turn 3 during Singapore Grand Prix.
The look of the pit building from behind at Turn 4.
Turn 5 is behind the Singapore Flyer. This is the start of the DRS activation zone.
Movable kerbs are used along the track for easy removal during Singapore Grand Prix.
The long straight after Turn 5 provides overtaking opportunities with DRS activated.
Shopping centres & MRT stations are in proximity throughout the whole circuit. Millenia Walk on the left and Promenade Circle Line MRT station on the right.
Turn 6 sandwiched by the two permanent overpasses on the long straight.
Directly at Turn 6 is the Pan Pacific Hotel.
The section of long straight close to Turn 7.
Memorial (Turn 7) with South Beach, a planned commercial and residential complex with green technology on the right.
Civilian War Memorial, also known as “The Chopsticks” at Memorial (Turn 7). In 2011, Hamilton was given a drive-through penalty for puncturing Massa’s tyre.
The corner in front (Turn 8) is very unique as the cars will come round again for Turn 14. In 2011, Schumacher has crashed into retirement at Turn 8.
Four such underpasses are located at the four corners of Turn 8 or Turn 14 to allow spectators to move around the circuit easily.
Singapore Recreation Club on the left side of the track just after Turn 8.
Swissôtel The Stamford, one of the tallest hotels in Southeast Asia, is right next to the track at Turn 9.
The long straight after Turn 9 beside The Padang (“Field” in Malay language) set against the Singapore skyline.
The Padang mainstage will be located here where Maroon 5, Katy Perry and Jay Chou will be performing during the race weekend in 2012.
The original look of the famous “Singapore Sling” (Turn 10). This corner is named after a world renowned cocktail originated from Singapore.
The Asian Civilization Museum near Turn 12.
The section of the track on Anderson Bridge, named after Governor of the Straits Settlements and High Commissioner for the Federated Malay States (1904–1911), Sir John Anderson.
Close proximity with the track on the sideways of Anderson Bridge.
The Fullerton Waterboat House at Turn 13. It was built in 1919 and was
designed by the renowned architectural firm, Swan & Maclaren and the building resembles the circular stern of a ship.
The Fullerton Hotel, which is also the former General Post Office Building is right next to Turn 13.
One Fullerton is also located at Turn 13.
Turn 13 consists of the right lane of the blue bus in the picture to the left lane of Esplanade Drive in the background.
After Turn 13 is a long straight about 500 metres before meeting up with Turn 14 or Turn 8 beside the Esplanade.
Underpass beside the Esplanade Bridge where the sound is amplified several times with fantastic reverberation.
The view of Esplanade Bridge and Esplanade on the far side under the bridge.
Merlion Park at Turn 13 with the famous Singapore skyline backdrop.
The long straight of Esplanade Bridge in reverse direction.
The view of Esplanade from the location of Connaught Grandstand.
Marina Square shopping centre on the left of the track at Turn 15.
The rear view of Bay Grandstand from Turn 16.
The front view of Bay Grandstand from Turn 17.
The view from Turn 18 in reverse direction. Cars going under the grandstand after this.
The section of the track that goes under the grandstand.
Turn 19, the exit from the Bay Grandstand.
Ritz Carlton at Turn 19.
The junction just before Turn 20 which leads into the temporary track sections.
Turn 21 which goes under ECP with Gardens By The Bay on the left side & Marina Bay Sands on the right side in the background.
The view of the last straight before the last two turns.
The Urban Beach Bar at Singapore Flyer is less than 4 metres to the pit lane.
The last turn of the Marina Bay Street Circuit.
The view of the pit lane.
The view of the podium.
The skid marks of the tyres.
The Float @ Marina Bay
The Float @ Marina Bay, the world’s largest floating stage is directly in front of Bay Grandstand, between Turn 17 & Turn 18.
Marina Bay Street Circuit Diagram.

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