FIA releases 2013 calendar

Formula One racing’s governing body, the FIA, has released the calendar for the 2013 season, following a meeting of its World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) in Paris, France on Friday.

It features 20 races, the same number as 2012, but with the omission of the European Grand Prix in Valencia and the provisional addition of a new US round in New York.

The FIA’s calendar in full:
17/03 Grand Prix of Australia
24/03 Grand Prix of Malaysia
14/04 Grand Prix of China
21/04 Grand Prix of Bahrain
12/05 Grand Prix of Spain (Barcelona)
26/05 Grand Prix of Monaco
09/06 Grand Prix of Canada
16/06 Grand Prix of Jersey (New York) *
30/06 Grand Prix of Great Britain
14/07 Grand Prix of Germany
28/07 Grand Prix of Hungary
25/08 Grand Prix of Belgium
08/09 Grand Prix of Italy
22/09 Grand Prix of Singapore
06/10 Grand Prix of Korea
13/10 Grand Prix of Japan
27/10 Grand Prix of India
03/11 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi
17/11 Grand Prix of USA (Austin)
24/11 Grand Prix of Brazil

Vogue Spain in the Williams garage

It’s been a scorching hot weekend in Valencia, but the mercury in the garage thermometers rose even higher on Sunday morning as Vogue Spain conducted a photoshoot with Victoria’s Secret underwear model Maryna Linchuck. Pastor’s car was the chief prop in the shoot, meaning Mark Pattinson, Pastor’s number one mechanic, got to play a very hands on role. He helped the model in and out of the car, and his fellow mechanics say he’s rarely looked happier… The next man to get involved in the saucy shoot was Bruno Senna. Posing with Linchuck, who by now was wearing little more than knee high boots, all Bruno could think about was what his girlfriend would think. “I hope Char doesn’t see this, otherwise I’m in big trouble!” he joked.

Three world champions on the podium in Valencia

By Max Huijgen on Google+.

Three #F1 world champions of which two were retired on the podium!

But will Schumacher be disqualified after using DRS under yellow?
The most sensational race of the season and the best one ever in Valencia.

If you had told anyone in advance that Grosjean would be battling for second place nobody would have believed it. If you had suggested a Lotus would end on second place with good old Kimi behind the wheel people would laugh at you and that Schumacher would end up in third place starting at 12th seemed impossible.

Engine failures, accidents, lots of passes on the circuit and in the end an emotional Schumacher just behind his old arch-rival Raikkonen. It must be the best podium ever in history with world champions from 1994 to 2007 standing on a 2012 podium

And true to form Schumacher was happily smiling between the two Ferrari guys on the podium while Kimi didn´t smile at all but just drank the champagne 🙂

The sensational result:

1) Alonso
2) Raikkonen
3) Schumacher
4) Webber
5) Hulkenberg
6) Rosberg
7) Di Resta
8) Button
9) Perez
10) Maldonado (under investigation)

1. Red Bull 176
2. McLaren 137
3. Lotus 126
4. Ferrari 122
5. Mercedes 92
6. Sauber 60
7. Williams 45
8. Force India 44
9. Toro Rosso 6
10. Caterham 0
11. Marussia 0
12. HRT 0