Saxo Bank becomes sponsor of Lotus F1

Denmark’s Saxo Bank will be one the Lotus Formula One team’s sponsors this season, moving into motor racing after being involved in cycling since 2008, the company said on Monday.

Although limited in scope, the one-year deal is a boost for a Lotus outfit which had financial problems last season despite finishing fourth in the constructors’ standings.

Saxo Bank will use the Lotus team name in its marketing and also be able to host clients at Formula One races as a sponsor.

“This is a modest step in because we always like to test things out first,” said Lars Seier Christenesen, Saxo Bank co-CEO. “If it works, we’ll step it up,” he added. [Source]











[Photos via Twitter and Jens Alminde, Lars Seier Christensen and more on Facebook and other media]

#AskKevin: Twitter Q&A with Kevin Magnussen


On December 2, the new McLaren race driver Kevin Magnussen tapped into the Twitter-sphere to answer your questions during a live Q&A session.

Here’s a recap of what went down in our first #AskKevin Twitter session:

@gazzajoyno: “How do you feel coming into #F1 with McLaren and partnering a driver like Jenson in your first season?”

KM: “I’m ready to learn from Jenson – he has huge experience. I’ll make the most of the opportunity – he’ll be a great team-mate.”

@thirstyforash: “What’s been the highlight of your career so far?”

KM: “Winning WSR 3.5 this year & getting the McLaren drive!”

@AnnaJCat_UnionJ: “Kevin, what are you most excited about next season?”

KM: “Not one thing, it’s the whole challenge of being in F1. Being with McLaren is what I’m most excited about.”

@super_ruck: “As your Dad [@JanMagnussen] raced for McLaren, do you feel any added pressure to succeed with the team?”

KM: “I feel pressure, because McLaren is a top team, and they expect big results – but not EXTRA pressure because of my dad!” #AskKevin

@shannncorcoran: “Which circuit are you most excited to race on?”

KM: “Suzuka – it has great history, and it looks the best.”

@steveb_1990: “What did you do when you found out you’ll be getting the drive, go out for a drink/meal?”

KM: “I went training!”

@deadlycowpat95: “Favourite race car of all time?”

KM: “It’s the McLaren MP4/4 – won 15 out of 16 races. Amazing car.”

@CodenameFee: “Hamilton also debuted in a McLaren. Can you use his season as a marker?”

KM: “It’s proof that it’s been done before, which is positive. Lewis is a fantastic driver.”

@TheF1leprechaun: “Which race will you consider your “home” race next season?”

KM: “None, unfortunately – but I hope to see a lot of Danes at the European races. Their support would mean so much.”

@cbenitz: “Senna or Prost?”

KM: “Senna!”

@adamgatto: “What would you be doing if you weren’t a race driver?”

KM: “I’d cry!” 😉

@Craig-O: “What is your favourite thing about the UK?”

KM: “Indian food! And McLaren, obviously!”

@Gavllen: “How much are you looking forward to being in #Tooned?”

KM: “Love Tooned – it will be strange but cool…”

@F1_Around_World: “Do you have a nickname?”

KM: “Just Kev…”

@Rodree8: “What do you prefer: dominate a race or fight for positions?”

KM: “As long as it’s for P1, I love fighting for positions!”

@Craig-o: “Which corners are you looking forward to tackling in a F1 car?”

KM: “Eau Rouge – a fantastic corner – and could return to being a challenge with the 2014 cars.

@PrinzMFF: “Do you have any special rituals before starting a race?”

KM: “Many – but they’re secret!”

@hctbm: “Have you got a helmet design yet?”

KM: “I usually design it to match the car’s colours – watch this space!”

@andreasutardi: “Who’s your fave musician?”

KM: “At the moment, it’s Mads Langer – a Danish singer. No Gravity is a great song.”

@alessiosoccer09: “What are your hobbies, apart from racing?”

KM: “I love watersports – especially jet-skiing & waterskiing.”


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