Checo’s subtle tribute to Maria de Villota for Silverstone

Sauber F1 Team – 2012 GP of Europe, Drivers’ Preview

From 15th to podium

“When you start 15th and there is no rain or chaos you don’t really expect to finish on the podium. We were quite aggressive today. The strategy and the pit stop have been very good and I was able to overtake a few cars. I saw that for me the tyre degradation wasn’t so bad and this allowed me to manage my pace quite well. We have a quick car but since Malaysia we have been unlucky for one reason or another, and then yesterday we had such a disappointing qualifying. Today’s result is a great reward for all the guys who work hard. The last time I scored points I was also on the podium and think this is quite a nice way to do it. Also it is particularly sweet to have been at the podium ceremony here in Montreal because we are not too far from my home country and there are many Mexicans here. It is a great boost for the team and I am very pleased for everybody.”

Photo Source: Sauber Motorsport AG

Lewis Hamilton wins the Canadian Grand Prix

Sergio Perez in a Chelsea FC jersey

Sergio Perez quickest in Q1 in Bahrain (Kovalainen beats Schumacher!)

Sergio Perez is the first F1 driver with an official Tumblr Page

Visit the Tumblr blog here.

Today’s amazing winners in Malaysia

Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez hugging each other after an outstanding performance in Kuala Lumpur.

Fernando Alonso wins the Malaysian Grand Prix!

The Ferrari driver wins the Malaysian Grand Prix two seconds ahead of Sergio Perez in a very fast Sauber. Kimi Raikkonen fastest man on the track today.

Perez testing for Sauber in Barcelona today

Sergio Pérez: “It wasn’t an easy day for us. Nevertheless during the 66 laps we collected some very useful data, which we will analyse tonight, so in this regard it was still a satisfying day. I am very much looking forward to tomorrow and I hope we can get a lot more work done then.”