Interview with Kamui Kobayashi in Sportsauto

Sportsauto just published this interview with the Sauber driver:

The 2012 Formula One season has been manic to say the least. Five races into the new year and we have had five different winners, all from different manufacturers. Mercedes has emerged as the team that they were expected to be follwing Brawn’s 2009 Championship and Williams have started to regain some long forgotten magic.

However, a team that hasn’t quite managed a win yet is Sauber. Still, so far 2012 has been the strongest year the team has ever enjoyed – other than some brief success at the hands of BMW. But with a second place in Malaysia and points rolling in at most Grands Prix, there is certainly an air of confidence in the Sauber camp.

Kamui, once again you have managed to score ten points for the team. What are your thoughts looking back at the race?

Kamui Kobayashi: “The most important thing for us was to have confirmation that our new aero package was working well. It is definitely a step forward. After I had a difficult qualifying because of an hydraulic problem, I had to start ninth. I think the race performance as such was better than my fifth place suggests. Traffic in the race makes it more difficult to handle the tyres. If you looked at Lewis Hamilton, who was fastest in qualifying, you could also see it wasn’t an easy job for him to improve positions in the race traffic after he was forced to start last on the grid. Overall I am very happy and proud of what a great job the guys back in the factory did to further develop the car and, of course, what the crew at the race track did.”

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Kamui Kobayashi is getting more and more popular among F1 fans

From the Facebook comments:

Marc Stokes I’m not japanese, but Kamui is one of my Fav drivers of all time, one of the most exciting drivers for years.
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Shinya Michimi Kamui’s helmet gets better and better every year!
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Jiří Bezi Bezstarosti Totally agree, I like his agressive but gentleman driving style…:-)
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Polo Farias P MEXICO !!!
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Guilherme Teixeira ‎2010 Japanese Grand Prix… Kamui was amazing at that race 😀
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Naoya Minematsu don’t forget us ! Japanese ! every japanese fans are watching each GP and cheer sauber-K.Kobayashi !
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Masashi Salvador Mitsuzawa in Spain GP, I found Kamui Kobayashi excellently overtook Nico and Button. That reminded me of 2010 Suzuka. I think He will win the podium soon.
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Ronnie Nielsen Gambare, Nippon!!
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