David Coulthard goes for a few laps around the Texas track…before it’s built!

Formula One returns to America next year with the US Grand Prix in Texas. However, the track is still under construction and not suitable for a Formula One to be thrashed around on it yet. [Source]

David Coulthard analyses Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull

BBC F1 co-commentator David Coulthard knows Sebastian Vettel well as a former rival and in his position as a consultant to the German’s Red Bull team.

As the youngest champion in Formula 1 history prepares to start the defence of his title in Australia on Sunday, Coulthard analyses the 23-year-old’s status in F1.

“Drivers go through various stages in their career. Winning the title will move Vettel out of the first one – when, if you like, you’re young and somewhat naive and everything’s new and exciting and you’re driving on your instincts – into the next one, when you’re established and starting to mature.