Stakes still high in Singapore

Sebastian Vettel may be on the verge of clinching his second world title, a feat he could achieve here this weekend, but the narrative thread of this Formula 1 season is a long way from complete.

In fact, in many ways, when the 24-year-old Red Bull driver finally clinches the title, it will change little – it has looked inevitable from very early on in the season.

But here under the spectacular night-time skyline of Singapore, plenty of issues remain to be resolved.

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Vodafone Mercedes McLaren 2011 car revealed in Berlin

McLaren has already taken the lead by revealing their new car at a unique event in Potzdamer Platz in Berlin. The event was live streamed on the official web site and on Facebook. Look out for their upcoming “Formula One Social Media Chart” — exclusively produced and published by Grand Prix 2.0 on this site!

BBC have the first comment on the new car on Twitter here:

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