The first image of the Sauber C33




Who says you can’t overtake in Monaco??

A little masterclass on overtaking boss style in Monaco.

Great to see Adrian’s name again above the garage!

The piano player is back!


Elio De Angelis

Lotus on Facebook:

Elio De Angelis (26/03/1958 – 15/05/1986)… he holds the record of Lotus fidelity with 90 Gp starts and one of the sweetest smiles of the history of Formula 1…RIP Elio…

Before Adrian Sutil (who also plays the piano) there was Elio!

Fernando Alonso playing the piano in Shanghai

Apparently, not only former F1 driver Adrian Sutil – who is a trained concert pianist – plays the piano. Two time world champion Fernando Alonso also plays the piano to relax before a race! Photo via Twitter.

Adrian Sutil at the Driver’s Parade

Sebastian Vettel quickest in Q2 in Singapore