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We are currently looking for bloggers to join our staff. We now have bloggers covering Malaysia, Singapore, Britain and Germany, but are looking for bloggers from the other GP destinations.

We are also looking for blog ambassadors to help us spread the word and buzz the blog in the social media landscape.


Photo: Me at Suzuka Circuit in 2006.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE! This blog is currently in open development. Not all pages are 100% finished. But we are updating on the fly! ***

Welcome to GRANDPRIX20.COM, a Formula One blog with focus on social media in the sport and publishing exclusive social media charts and content.

My name is Ronnie Rocket (I was named after the New Zealand speedway driver Ronnie Moore) and this is my second Formula One blog. The first one was launched in early 2006 with the main focus on live blogging from the races. This was before the traditional media offered live blogging in their sports sections. The blog was in Danish (I am born in Copenhagen, but currently live in Berlin). This made the audience quite limited. The blog is archived at blog.grandprix.dk here. I decided to rethink the blog concept and relaunch in English on a dot com domain. This is the result.

The blog will be ad free (no ad banners, no pop ups, no ad words) and will be 100% free for users. It will introduce “social partnerships” with 20 selected presenting partners, whose financial contributions will be the economic platform for the non profit blog. All proceeds will go to the development and maintenance of the blog.

This blog also has political and social agenda:

  • More focus on the fans, less focus on VIP’s at the racetracks (without losing the “glamour”)
  • Lobbying for free or low cost TV transmissions without commercial breaks in the actual race
  • Advocating for free material for the fan blogs (photos, videos, timings, etc.)
  • Highlighting the value for normal cars and traffic that comes out of the F1 research & development
  • Pressuring the sport and the teams to be critical about their sponsorships
  • Engage in social campaigns related to driving and behaviour in traffic (Don’t drink and drive, Don’t speed)
  • Showing the sports world that people from differenct countries can enjoy a global sport together (there are no hooligans in this sport!)
  • Focusing on the local cultures and people in the different cities and countries where there are grand prix’s
  • Getting young people interested in the sports, not only as drivers and fans, but also as mechanics and officials
  • Emphasizing the many humanitarian and charity projects related to F1 during the season/year
  • Spotlight on the connection between F1 and music (F1 Rocks, music in the garage, drivers playlists, etc.)

Why is the blog called GRANDPRIX20.COM?

The concept was originally conceived as a blog built with and focusing on “Web 2.0” technologies. That was the original reasoning behind the name.

The “killer app” of the blog is the Top 20 social media charts, that are not published anywhere else.

Also, there are usually 20 grand prix’s in a season.

Oh, and there are 20 sections on the the blog!

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