New McLaren front wing almost brought Alonso in the points in Japan

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McLaren endured another tough race in Japan last weekend, hampered by a lack of straight-line performance. They did at least, though, have the benefit of recent aero updates to the MP4-30, which narrowly missed out on the points in the hands of Fernando Alonso.

The team confirmed the effectiveness of the new front wing design they introduced in Singapore (previous version inset). The wing pillars have a more twisted outer edge (left arrow), while the endplate now features small winglets on its inner (top right arrow) and outer (lowermost arrow) edges, and a revised rear opening (lower right arrow). All this is to better manage the airflow around the outside of the front tyres.

Renault buys Lotus F1 Team


Renault has signed a letter of intent to take controlling stake in the Lotus_F1 Team for the 2016 season.

With 13 races gone, take a look at how the in-team rivalries are shaping up


Bottas and Perez outperforming the first drivers in their teams.

In Japan, women and children come to see F1


Mercedes writes on Twitter:

The fans here at Suzuka are just incredible! Queuing to get in today… And this little one… too cute!


Red Bull warming up to the Japanese Grand Prix with sumo wrestling!


The Red Bull team has arrived in Japan and no better way for the Bulls to start the trip than a bit of Sumo! 🎌 相撲

Haas F1 team launches web site and social wall



The U.S. based Haas F1 Team has launched their web site including a Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / You Tube powered social wall.

Lewis Hamilton 2015 Japanese Grand Prix Preview

“One of the greatest tracks, if not the greatest track in the world” MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team Driver Lewis Hamilton chats about the Suzuka International Racing Course. The reigning FIA Formula One World Drivers’ Champion shows the most crucial parts of the track in the simulator.”

Did this Scuderia Toro Rosso modification make Max Verstappen man of the match in Singapore?

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In Singapore they introduced this totally new shape of front wing turning vane (red arrow), highly twisted to channel air outwards. Other teams have a straighter, more vertical fin.

Did this Scuderia Ferrari modification help Sebastian Vettel win in Singapore?


The area in front of the rear tyres is a crucial focal point for all teams this year as they look to improve rear-end aerodynamics, and in the last few races we have seen many different solutions. For the Marina Bay race Ferrari multiplied the slots in the floor (highlighted in yellow), from three to nine. In addition they added two fins (red arrow) on the sides of the deformable rear crash structure, as Mercedes did in Spain. The car, with its strong rear end, is much more to Sebastian Vettel’s liking now, hence the improved performance.

Japan preview quotes


Daniel Ricciardo:

“I love going to Japan, and I’m absolutely fascinated by Tokyo. I turn into a complete tourist, gawping at the place, the people, the food – it’s just so incredibly cool. Personally, I really like hanging out in the tiny bars: crazy little places maybe only five square meters. It’s a really good experience. I recommend it.”

Daniil Kvyat:

“Japanese fans are very warm and welcoming and the atmosphere there is great. You always get given some odd gifts. Last year I got given a lot of fans – not people, things to, you know, cool you down! You also get a ton of stuff to sign. I really appreciate that the fans make an effort. They are passionate about Formula One and they really show it.”