Team Lewis Hamilton Social Movie

A series of mini documentaries – by you, for you and about your experiences leading up to the big race this weekend.

Grab your phone and go to – our mobile app that records and sends videos. We’ll be putting out film challenges on it throughout the week.

We’ll release the videos over this week and will have a final #TeamLH video for you after the deciding World Championship race in Abu Dhabi.

The #TeamLHmovie is about you guys all over the world, who experience the races with me. Win or lose – we’ll do it together.

Created with TeamLH by The Rumpus Room for Lewis Hamilton

Music by Tinie Tempah feat. Ella Eyre – Someday – (Place In The Sun)

Kobayashi back in Abu Dhabi for Caterham


Kamui on Facebook:

Had good time with my fans at Abu Dhabi thank you for coming‼ アブダビに来てくれたファン達です! 来てくれてありがとうございます

2014 Abu Dhabi GP – Fernando Alonso Press Conference

Fernando Alonso would not be moved on disclosing which team or teammate he would be racing with next season.

Racing buddies forever

‪‎F1‬ Photography in the 70’s…Insane!


“Twitter is actually quite cool”


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Sauber just shared their first Vine

Formula One is a true gentlemen’s sports


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“My daddy drives for Williams”


Let’s crowdfund Caterham’s return to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


You can help Caterham F1’s return to the grid by pledging from just £10. In exchange for your support will receive exclusive rewards, including a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your name on the Caterham F1 car competing in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Take a look here to choose from the range of rewards on offer.