Lewis Hamilton, Silverstone, 1996


Insert your own speech bubbles

2013 Chinese Grand Prix - Friday

Lotus Long Wheelbase E21

The first shot of the much talked about ‘looong wheelbase E21’ – Hairpin turns should be fun…

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix - Saturday

Listen to the F1 powered track on the new Steve Mason album

‘The Last Of Heroes’ taps Mason’s love of dub, as bass and beats soundtrack the Brazilian-Portuguese commentary of a Formula 1 race between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. It seems an odd allusion, until you remember that the privileged Senna, before his fatal crash, had intended to start a charitable organisation – and that, when it was established, posthumously, it would generate millions for social programmes. [Source]


Michael Schumacher explains the start procedure in F1

Starting a Formula One car is not as easy as simply turning a key in the ignition — Michael takes you through the complicated procedure which occurs during the installation lap before the race…

Tech Bites: Evolution of F1 Race Cars since 1993

More than 40 years of motorsport heritage, looking back on 20 years in F1. See how F1 cars evolved since the Sauber F1 Team entered Formula One in 1993. From the C12 to the C32, from 1993 until today. Side and top views of our racing cars.

McLaren M19C – The Alligator Car

Dubbed ‘The Alligator Car’ thanks to its bulging mid section and long nose, the M19C introduced a number of firsts to the team. New sponsor for 1972, the Yardley cosmetics company, brought in a change of colours, and a new driver; Peter Revson.

F1 design pushes boundaries

Christina MacFarlane explores the evolution of F1 design with 4-time F1 World Champion Alain Prost.

Nigel Mansell 60

The Nigel Mansell story is the most complete portrait ever produced on any racing driver. It is a story of is one of struggles and great courage. Crashes and comebacks. Setbacks and victories.


Photo: Uri Geller, Michael Jackson and Nigel Mansell!!!

Moscow City Racing – Onboard with Jenson Button

Jenson Button took to the streets of Moscow, courtesy of Mobil 1 to take part in the annual Moscow City Racing event. This saw Jenson running the McLaren Formula 1 car at high pace past some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Stay tuned to the end for an impressive display of burnouts!