McLaren M7C – The Thursday Car

The McLaren M7C. Otherwise known as the Thursday car and powered by the almighty Ford Cosworth engine. A true classic in the original ‘papaya orange’ livery, this is the car that sets the scene for McLaren’s Formula One story.

Ask Lewis July 2013

We put the shout out to #AskLewis a couple of weeks ago and got an amazing response. We picked the best questions and here are the answers direct from Lewis!

The Sound of Honda – Ayrton Senna 1989

Ayrton Senna set the world’s fastest lap during the 1989 F1 Japanese Grand Prix Qualifying. Based on the driving data from 24 years ago, this is the engine sound that filled Suzuka circuit during that 1 min 38 seconds 041 revived.



Lewis’ onboard lap with radio in the W 154 at the Nordschleife!

Lewis drives the legendary W 154 at the at the Nordschleife and shares his experience over the radio! Full driver’s radio transcript below!

0:32 (Lewis) A little bit

01:00 (Nico) It is an amazing feeling to drive on this historic track with these race cars. It is so, so cool to drive these cars, it feels like go karts.

01:12 (Lewis) So, great power hey Nico?

01:14 (Nico) Yeah there is really quite good power!

01:16 (Lewis) They didn’t even have barriers when they were racing (laughs) They just had trees

01:22 (Nico) Yeah for sure there are no barriers and trees all over the place! Can you imagine that, in the pouring down rain, flat out in these cars, no barriers… Unreal!

01:34 (Lewis) They must have been smoking something!

01:37 (Nico) Really great experience…

01:38 (Lewis) What side is your brake on man?

01:40 (Nico) What’s wrong with my brakes?

01:42 (Lewis) My brake is on the right side so it is so easy to forget it is there!

01:49 (Nico) It is such a strange driving position, I’m completely spread-eagled here with the clutch all the way on the left, it’s so strange

01:57 (Lewis) Mine doesn’t want to change gear!

02:01 (Nico) No no you just stay in 2nd gear all the time alright?

02:05 (Lewis) Yeah it’s like, it starts cracking big time if I try to change gear.

02:11 (nico) Ok are you ready?! We’re going to race now for the next 5 corners OK? The last over there… sucks! 3…2…1…. GO!

02:32 (Lewis) Yeah it’s incredible… Great power, it doesn’t feel too bad, it feels unsafe because I have no seatbelts but otherwise yeah it feels fantastic to drive on this historic circuit, it is a dream for any driver.

03:05 (Nico) Woah amazing!!!

03:31 (Lewis) You guys need to speed up man

03:40 (Lewis) Pretty well! Obviously not as good as my current car but it is pretty cool still!

03:48 (Nico) Yeah it is really pretty fascinating…

03:53 (Nico) OK, let’s check whose car has got more top speed!

04:30 (Lewis) Hey man! The gearbox is terrible!

04:34 (Nico) Yeah?

04:39 (Lewis) Yeah! I can never get it in gears! (makes noises)

04:45 (Nico) But unreal no?

04:47 (Lewis) Yeah… Yours looks safer than mine!

04:51 (Nico) Looks what?

04:52 (Lewis) Yours is safer than my one

04:55 (Nico) Not by much!

04:55 (Lewis) You have this (shows the side of the car) up here

04:56 (Nico) Not by much!!

04:58 (Lewis) I was going like this around the corners… But they were literally like this around some of the corners!

Ron Howard Lap – Behind the Scenes

Film director Ron Howard explains his strategies for setting a lap time around the Top Gear track. Will F1 legend Niki Lauda’s advice be useful?

Car features with Valtteri Bottas

Our five part series takes us through the features that make up an F1 car, including areas that you don’t normally get to see. Valtteri Bottas takes a closer look at each of them, describing how they work and how a driver utilises them during a Formula One race. In this feature, Valtteri talks to us about the DRS. Still to come, KERS, engine, seat and the steering wheel. Stay tuned for more!

Goodwood: Button shows off McLaren P1

Jenson Button talks to the Telegraph about McLaren’s new supercar and the appeal of the Festival of Speed to racing drivers.